In a popty ping remedy the matadors dream . A donde ? cheapskate cardboard sweat from an icecream . Dame quebrada cabron have you seen my primo ? On a futile pass found a path on a road a sandwich bag cuts a dance like black swan . D.i.s.c.o . Every tuppenny hooker is a lady in waiting _ So clap your hands if you’re a disco player – Que pedo vato? Salsipuedes! _ Feed the second hand guavas to the apes on the lawn . Ashtanga beatnik prizing meat to his gay porn . Pardon me senor do you have any sisters? Break out the digital fridge and all the star bellied suits . Meat market psychos spanking queen in their heeled boots . Tecates all gone tienes pacifico? _ So clap your hands if you’re a stereo player – Que onda vato? Salsipuedes! _Taming skulls like the juggernaut , Gadaffi’s harem . Pokeyman tourettes shaking hands in zero gravity . Tengo hueva carnal is there a boxcar waiting ? Wait a second . the juice from the eyes of a half-cut thai date in a wig she’s got fuck me eyes . Claro que semen yes am I a vadar invader ? So one more time clap your hands if you’re not with a player – for everyone else with me Salsipuedes x


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