08-09-14 // SONG + 7 We’re on holiday so pack your shit away - lots of surfing going on they say – coconuts in Midigama bay and we kiss the sun, we kiss the sun, our day has come, we kiss the sun whole. Find me in lost and found not London’s underground – but be careful with that axe Eugene – yes to knowing what the fuck that means – what an earth could go wrong ? been searching summer long – take a little shot of this arrack – paddle out into a shark attack - when the shit goes down – and the ship went down . Must open every door that’s what I came here for – but there’s so much more to life they say – but I live a life in light each day – and it’s not about luck – fuck luck – it’s all about size tuk tuk – Chris Josh and me and Costy knew a surfing life we cannot wait for you – when we kiss the sun – we’ll break the sun – when we kiss the sun – we broke the sun x we kissed the sun when it comes we kiss the sun xvv
Artwork by Dave Legion

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